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A heart-felt Welcome! Step into our Bubble of Love

Birth Bubble Co. was created as a safe space to share, learn & help transform Women into Mothers in a modernized, therefore alternative approach.
Based in KZN’s tropical South Coast, one hour from Durban (travelling to Durban is totally do-able.. we know people 😉 ) Working with expectant women & their families, Birth Bubble Co. (BB) guides you through your pregnancy in a more conscious, healthy way. A mindful pregnancy paves the way to a deepening of the mind & body connection, essential for a fulfilling birthing experience. Understanding the history & mechanisms behind birth, learning tools to help overcome past traumas & current fears, Deepening aspects of breathing, moving & relaxation, is just to touch on what we offer. These tools are invaluable to us as humans, whether we are pregnant or not, so you & your partner will greatly benefit from the teachings now & in years to come.

Our Offering Summary

A Birth Bubble Coach offers solutions through all stages of your pregnancy, from morning sickness – indigestion – swollen feet, with your choice of Private or Group Classes. Tapping into aspects of Yoga, Meditation, Sound & Healing, HypnoBirthing Child Birth Education Classes, Pregnancy Massage, Ceremony & as an accredited WOMBS Doula. ANY & all Births are supported, whether Vaginal or Cesarean.

Fear vs. Love

Birth Bubble believes that every mother should get the opportunity to birth from a place of love, instead of fear.

Imagine you were told your whole life that massages were painful. Then one day, you walk in desperate to fix your sore body, but with this “knowing” that it is going to hurt. Do you think you will be Tense? Or able to relax your body? Do you think that it will be an enjoyable experience? Similarly, Birth has a bad rep. And for good reason, that is due to the conditioning & experiences of many, many women. But does that mean it has to be true for you? Let’s uncover the myths, dive in deep & give yourself the opportunity to make that assumption for yourself..

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A message from Sim

This is not about me, it is about you.

I want your birth to be beautiful. Because I know that it can be. I know how beautiful birth Really. Can. Be. Because I felt it in me. Because I have done the research. I wasn’t lucky. I worked on it. I practiced often. And I KNOW you have the power within you to have that kind of transformational birth too. I am here to help you connect to the the birthing goddess inside of you so that you & your family can begin your new chapter from a good, positive place..